A Typical Routine Visit

I find a calm gentle approach works better with horses, therefore before I start I examine the entire head, not only feeling for any abnormalities such as lumps or bumps but also to relax the horse.
Following this I put the speculum on, flush out any old food using a horse dental mouth wash and have a full evaluation of the teeth, gums, cheeks, tongue and overall state of the mouth. The findings are discussed with the owner and they are advised of what work needs to be carried out.
A routine visit involves reducing all the sharp edges present, balancing and levelling the teeth and rounding the first cheek teeth into a bit seat for ultimate comfort when ridden in a bit.
This can be carried out using hand rasps or an electric drill depending on the work required and the temperament of the horse.

The majority of horses stand willingly during dentistry but if they are a little unsettled I find techniques such as allowing them to move their feet and shutting their mouths regularly can help calm them.

The incisors are checked and corrected if required and any tartar removed from the canines. The whole process usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes.

A few final checks are carried out to ensure the horse has a perfectly balanced mouth and the work is recorded on a dental chart with one copy given to the owner.